Radon: It's our business!
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Radon Mitigation Diagram
Sub-Slab Depressurization
courtesy www.epa.gov
For post mitigation testing we use
Sun Nuclear Model #1027
Continuous Radon Monitor
Testing Devices
EPA Map of Radon Zones
Most of Ohio is considered
to be a Zone 1 = highest
All Ohio Radon Services is owned and operated by Wayne Porter and Andy Ellebruch, who are both
licensed by The Ohio Department of Health as Radon Mitigation Specialists.  Their combined experience
from thousands of mitigation installations and over 30 combined years of serving clients ensures that
your radon mitigation job will be done right and you will be treated right!

All Ohio Radon Services is owned and operated locally here in Akron, Ohio.   We install radon mitigation
systems within a 90 mile radius of Akron, and sometimes further away.  We will personally custom design
and install your radon mitigation system ourselves, we don't use subcontractors or inexperienced
 ALL of our installers are licensed by the Ohio Department of Health as Mitigation Specialists.
We are aware of some area contractors that do not do the same.  Some contractors will send out
subcontractors or unlicensed "helpers" to do the work.  We DO NOT recommend this.

Hire only licensed and experienced installers who design and construct their own systems!
When you call All Ohio Radon Services, you will be treated with patience, courtesy, and respect because we
know that radon issues can be scary and frustrating.  We can help you to feel more at ease with your radon
issue.  We will get all the needed details in your initial call.  We will then schedule an "in person" estimate
where we will personally survey the property, custom design a radon mitigation system, explain the process,
and offer a written estimate detailing the job and all related costs.  We
will not offer "HIgh Pressure Tactics"!  
We will leave you with the estimate and encourage you to gather others, or we can schedule your job on the
spot.  Each installation comes with a written guarantee of mitigation success.
Our Mission:
Our mission is to provide the very best radon services in the industry and
to take care of our clients as if they were members of our own family.
Our Goal:
Our goal is to become the very best at what we do.  To do that we must
answer our phones with a friendly and courteous voice, we must educate
our clients, we must show up on time, we must do high quality work at a
fair price, we must clean up after ourselves, and we must guarantee our
Our Promise:
We promise to always be on a mission to achieve our goals in making our
clients happy.
We test for radon using only the most current technology available.  There are several ways to test, the most
common being a short term type test.  For short term testing we recommend using only continuous monitor
devices.  These devices are computers that will report hourly as well as an average hourly radon measurement.  We
use Sun Nuclear model 1027 monitors for all of our short term testing.  If you are not sure what type of test you
should use in your specific situation, please call us for our recommendations and information.

Please note:  because we specialize in the "reduction" services for radon, we choose not to offer discovery testing
services for real estate transactions to avoid any potential conflicts of interest.  For this type of discovery testing,
we recommend hiring a contractor who DOES NOT offer mitigation/reduction services.
When you have high levels of radon, it is recommended that you install a reduction (mitigation) system.  We use only the
best materials on the market, the quietest mitigation fans, and the most effective techniques available.  If you have a
radon issue, please call us for more information on what you can do to reduce your radon risks.  We would be happy to
visit with you in person to explain your options, or simply offer some friendly advice over the phone.  Whichever you
choose, we want you to feel comfortable in the process of correcting your radon problem.
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Typical External System
With Custom Paint